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Scam in India & the money involved
# Top 10 Politician Involved in Scams Money ( Crore) Source : Websites
Suresh kalmadi CWG 70000
A Raja 2G 176000
Mayawati 26 cases including corruotion 175
Lalu Prasad Yadav 63 cases including corruption 950
Madhu Koda Money Laundering 4000
Mulayam Singh Yadav Real Estate & Food scam 2002-2010 200000
Karunanidhi Cash for vote & 2G. 49
Sharad Pawar Ilegal Properties, wheat scam, fake stamp 172
Jaylalitha 46 cases including corruption, coal import 7000000
BS Yedduryappa Illegal iron export scam. 60000
Total 7511346 Crores INR
# GDP & Fiscal deficit ( Indian Economy 2010-2011) India Budget Revenues: $170.7 billion Expenditures: $257.4 billion (2010)
GDP- 2010 1.704 Trillion USD
Fiscal deficit 2010-2011 5.5% of GDP 38140 Crores INR
Fiscal deficit 2011-2012 4.6% of GDP
Fiscal deficit 2013-2014 3.5% of GDP
Action on Politician ( On recovery of Money)
If Scam Money is recovered from these 10 corrupt politician, the recovery amount will be 7511346 Crores INR
1) The fiscal deficit of the Indian Economy can be taken care for 197 Years
# Black Money in Swiss Bank
1500 Billion USD 1 USD
1500000000000 USD 45.67 INR
68505000000000 INR
6850500 Crore 660846
2) The fiscal deficit of the Indian Economy can be taken care for 180 Years
3) Total Years ( Indian Economy without Fiscal deficit at current rate ) 377 Years
Assuming if the Politician have not put all their scam money in Swiss bank
4) Assuming if the Politician have put all their scam money in Swiss bank
 No of years the fiscal deficit can be taken care for 214 Years

Yaad aayeinge ye din,

Campus mein wo pehla chan;

Papa ke peeche admission office tak jaana,

Saare chehre ek-sa lagna;

Wo nasheeli aankhon mein doobna,

Seniors ka gusse se ghoorna;

Wo necks down karke chalna,

Dabi awaaz mein 2nd year ko gaaliyaan nikaalna;

Wo hostel ki terrace pe ekatrit hona,

Jhuke kamar aur tohfa kabool karwana;

Wo Freshers night ka intzaar karna,

Fashion show mein siti bajaana;

Wo Pepe ki Jeans,

Aur Pimple ke creams;

Wo uska phone number milna,

Saari raat SMS-SMS khelna;

Wo college ki pehli Fight,

Judge ban decide karna kaun hai Right;

Fati Jeans ko Fashion bataana,

Uski Tank Top pe nazar tikaana;

Wo doston ki nayee-nayee scene set karana,

Principal ki chamber aur usey akele  jhelna;

Poore semester college Bunk karna,

Marks kam milne pe HOD ko sunaana;

Har choti khushi ki badi Party manaana,

Mahine ke beech pocket khaali hona;

Wo cigarette ki pehli kash,

Har doosre din badalna Recent Crush;

Ek mobile aur chaar SIM rakhna,

Poori raat number badal baatein karna;

Facebook-Orkut pe puraane Doston ka milna,

Exam ki pehli raat tak kuch nahi Aana;

Wo Samose aur Chai waali Canteen,

1st year waali ko bataana- She is Mine;

Exam hall mein chit paas karna,

Please-please kar extra time lena;

Wo doston ki EGO problem sehna,

Har kisi ki Gossip sunna;

Fastrack ki wo sports ghadi,

Farewell pe uski wo low-waist saari;

Wo Doston ki Love stories Discussion,

Aur saala apne time pe hi Recession;

Wo baarish ki Romantic Season,

Aur break-ups ke ajeeb Reason;

Wo college ki pehli Placement milna,

Notice board pe apna naam tangna;

Wo proposals ke naye Funde apnana,

Jawaab ke Intzaar mein dimaag ka fatna;

8085 ke wo chaalish Pin,

Professors ki wo classamate Kin;

College ke peeche waadiyon waala Scene,

Yaad aayeinge ye College ke Din;

Politics in Love

There were many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream – whatever that dream might be. …… Anonymous

It’s been more than a fortnight since the Valentine’s Day. Some new love stories made and some by now even broken. For some of us, yet another Valentine’s passed and their hope of finding a match dies but with a poke. Ok, now before all my dear readers start interpreting that this is just another shit post on how to fall in love and all, by some maniac trying to be Love Guru or so, please, this is not.
This post is basically for all those people who have ever been, presently in or at some stage are very keen to fall in love. But more importantly it is written with an intention of showcasing the feelings of shattered hearts. This is a post where my all intentions are to question all those couples falling in love and making all lame promises and statements. Those promises and statements which are very sweet, appealing, mesmerizing, and especially ultra romantic in nature. Some of them even have the potentials of melting the heart of even people like Hitler.
Some of you may wonder why the post has been headlined as “Politics in Love.” This is because the P factor has crept into our love life too. I find a lot of similarities between our politicians and today’s partners in Love. Sorry to say but I feel as if the lovers too have big mouth like the politicians. They speak all those baseless lovely things which could always help them reaching a winners position and soon after they have achieved what they wanted to, they start acting like Sanjay Singhania of movie Ghajni or Anil Kapoor of Mr. India (hard to find.) It’s like they suffer from Amnesia. Another similarity is like our Politicians; our allies too keep changing with time and need. God! How selfish! Isn’t it?
It’s said that we fall in love only when we find the “Right Person.” Crap! How is one supposed to be sure that he/she is the right person? An Individual encounters another, spends some time together and both reaches to conclusion that they both have found their right person only to realize with some more time down the lane that one of them was wrong and his/her definition of the “Right Person” has been modified to something new. But what about the one who was truly and madly in Love? Whose definition and feelings for the right person never ever changed? She/he is the one who is left with a broken heart, more correctly a shattered one. This is a post to make them feel good, good about the fact that it was never their fault and a word for them that they need not to spoil their life for some undeserving selfish maniacs. It is also for the still single one’s who are in search of their “Right Person.” Believe me guys, its more ethical, and satisfying to find your partner late than changing them frequently. And above all this post puts a question to all those who even tried being diplomatic even in pious feeling of LOVE.
With all that let me put down some very common feelings expressed by the people in love for whom they mean the world for the time being and unfortunately like their intentions their world changes. It is when these feelings and words witness the utmost disrespect and hatred. These feelings will be put with a subtitle “My Feelings for You” and are generally from my personal experiences and some from very dear and near one’s around me but I am sure you would be able to relate to it…..

You can see yourself in my eyes
You can feel your presence in my heartbeat
Your gentle touch fills in me an aroma of intense euphoria
Your loving glance makes me feel at cloud nine
Your affectionate word makes me lost into the world of dreams where I find myself ever, and ever-bonded to you.

I wanna be with you on a raft in the wide open blue ocean
I wanna roam with you on a deserted Island
I wanna two of us holding hands together and treading the path of love in showering rain, letting silence make the real conversation

The blue sky is glowing with its shining stars
The white full moon is loaded with its full intensity
The cool flowing breeze is at its saturation point of imparting a feeling of happiness at its tender touch
I wish this whole panorama of natural beauty bless our path of love so that we could become one soul.

At this hour of time, I could only promise you that
I’ll be your dream come true
I’ll be your strength; I’ll be your inspiration
I’ll be the fulfillment of your innermost desires
I’ll give you all the pleasures of life
I’ll fulfill all your wishes
Together we’ll make our life heaven lodged with affection, passion, compatibility, faith, sincerity, and above all love- true, pure and serene
I’ll be yours, be your ever sweetheart
I’ll always love you with the depth of my heart till my last breath, and I do mean it honey.

As I already stated the above mentioned excerpts are almost the common feelings expressed by an individual and vice-versa. Love is a diving feeling and as the popular notion goes, happens just once and lasts forever. It is not meant for the toddlers or the brats who fall in love at every step or weed a motive out of it. It has a much deeper meaning attached to it and the couples, who fail to understand this, are heartbroken. Hence a deeper understanding of the same is required before expressing your love to someone. I Love You perhaps, is the most overused, mundane phrase. And next time you express your feelings to your love please try not being Diplomatic and speaking like a politician. Please, please, please, just be honest and stop changing your definition for your “Right Person.”

Since my birth,and since I started understanding Politics,my search for a name in Indian politics started in whom I/We can find an ignition to change the mindset about Indian politics and thus India entirely on global front,of course for good.Thankfully, search ended with charismatic Mr. Rahul Gandhi or so was what I thought of.I like all of my all other country youths started loving him and politics who in general almost kept themselves away from the slightest thought of (dirty)politics. T.V remotes started being kept untouched once Mr.Gandhi was seen.Such was his aura and charisma over us. His brave efforts of challenging the state governments in an unorthodox manners increased my respect for him.His out of way visits to poor and common people in smallest and most deprived of villages brought a sure jolt to the oppositions and in some cases also to his colleagues in the same coalition government. Hats off to him for all of his incredible leaps towards the betterment of the nation.

That was until his last visit to the Bihar. Bihar, is my home state and yes, I am a bit sentimental about it,but I am much more sentimental about unified India in all. Whenever something is said or done against or in favor  of we Bihari’s it surely fuels an ignition inside me. But, this is for sure not a reason for confusion over Rahul Gandhi’s stand.

Welcome Mr.Gandhi like everywhere else to my home state too,”BIHAR.”  But what prevented you from coming here so late? Is the nearing State elections a reason for sudden visit? Of course it has to do, but whatever be the reason, you are welcome. I believe a competition between fierce rivals will only help in the betterment of the State’s growth.

But my question like everyone else there, why did you and your central government or even maharashtra government did not speak or took any action against the indecent, non-social, physical, emotional and financial casualties being made against poor North-Indians in mumbai or Maharashtra entirely in all since a couple of years. Why have we to put questions on you and your government’s integrity? Why cannot you all do the needful on your own until it becomes a political agenda? They did raised questions on you and there came your reply. An answer which has now become a topic of debate throughout the nation-“Mumbai belongs to all INDIANS.” Thankfully you did say that and hopefully you with your government will do something attaining the same. But still, I wonder what prevented you from making a statement for almost a complete year? Sadly,this is not something we the youths look for in you. This is not, what we youth want our leaders of tomorrow to have in them.

Again a very bold and courageous move by you challenging the entire Shiv Sainiks and MNS in Mumbai during your last visit. Your travel in a local train, standing in line for ticket, a humble money withdrawal from ATM, and conversing with general public in a moving train like all of us, these all makes us feel proud of having you possibly as our future Prime Minister.

But my questions remains unanswered and I wish that someday they reaches to you Mr. Gandhi and you are sensitive enough to answer them to me and the entire nation. So here they go……….

1.)Why do we have to wait for an election season to see a visit of yours or people around you at least in the deprived and backward states?

2.) Are we supposed to repeatedly put questions(ethical) on you on national issues to hear an answer from you or are you sensible enough to put your remarks on your own?

3.)Does visits to poor and common people is all that will make a difference to the so-called “AAM AADMI” or will you and your government make an effort on economic and social front too?

4.)Finally, does admiring you and expecting a change in Indian Politics for good from you is too much of asking from you?

And, before anyone reaches to some conclusions of my connections with some political party let me make myself clear that I belong to none. It’s just an independent thought from a common youth of today.

Hoping my questions reaches Mr. Gandhi, good luck to you and my entire Country.

Lastly a humble and sincere request to you Mr. Gandhi,please make this happen………